JoAnn Verburg

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UNTITLED (Meredith Monk) was shot on black and white film using an 11 x 14" camera with a five foot long bellows in 1982, when Meredith was in Minneapolis to work on "Paris." Three years later, two large prints were made. One of these originals is in the collection of the Weisman Art Museum, and the other, in Verburg's collection was in her one person exhibition at The Museum of Modern Art in 2007, "Present Tense: Photographs by JoAnn Verburg" (Susan Kismaric curator/author). In 2011, when Meredith's company, "The House" approached Verburg to make an edition of an artwork to benefit the company, Verburg decided to reinterpret the image on contemporary materials, and the result is UNTITLED (Meredith Monk), 2011/1985. Because, as she likes to say, "I'd do anything for Meredith, but don't tell her that."